Win 200X250₾ East Point Gift Card

It seems that Zeus really got angry and currently we can not travel in his country, but still, East Point Contest Continues from today:

From June 8 - July 4 Shop at any East Point stores, change a 60 GEL receipt into a ticket and be the winner of 250₾ East Point Gift Card!


For more details read the rules: 

•  Shop at East Point
•  Change any 60 Gel receipt to ticket on the same date receipt was printed
•  Fill the ticket with personal data; by filling it you automatically accept terms of using it by East Point
•  Place one part of the ticket in Ruffle drum and the keep the second one
•  In case of loosing or not presenting a ticket, the winner will not receive a prize
•  Answer quiz question to win prize: 200x250₾ East Point Gift Card.
•  Products cannot be returned with this receipt, replacing products is possible
•  None of the staff, working at East Point shops have right to participate in this Challenge
•  Period: June 8 - July 4
•  Winners Will be revealed: On July 4-5

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