The last month of summer

16 August, 2019

The last month of summer is ending but new collections, a variety of sales and long bright nights are yet to come.


Colorful and sparkling days

Golden suntan is an integral part of summer. If you are visiting a sunny coast or arranging to travel there, then we have a long-lasting, beautiful and sparkling secret for you. French cosmetics and perfumes are available in Yves Rocher store. Here you will find glittering moisturizing oil enriched with flower Mona’s extract, amazing flavors and what’s important it moisturizes skin and helps the suntan to last longer than usual. You can use the discount for the whole month and buy the product for only 34.90 GEL.


Midseason 70% discount is still available in PARFOIS, where you will find accessories decorated with sea shells, open summer sandals in this season colors and trendy strew handbags. The price of the sea shelled necklaces starts from 29 GEL while summer bags are from 60 GEL.



If you want all the details to be highlighted with summer fun and colorful mood then visit the stand of Italian brand Mywalit where you can find bright colored collections with the following names: “Sangria”, “Copacabana”, “SeaScape”.


New collection in your summer wardrobe

Renewal is always fun especially when it comes to clothes. That’s why we invite you to our greened and flowered atmosphere to have a look at new collections


Stradivarius offers transparent, polka-dot and other trendy dresses for 99 GEL. Leather tops are from 45 GEL. The prices of flower printed dresses in all possible colors and lengths start from 85 GEL. This year’s most relevant accessories are pearls and hair clips adorned that way are available for 29 GEL.



OVS - is the store where the whole family can shop. New collection and a 70% discount are the best reason to visit the shop. Colorful T-shirts for men are available from 35 GEL while the prices of jeans start from 60 GEL. A lot of new things await your children: T-shirts, trousers, warm jackets and raincoats. The prices for desirable things start from 17 GEL.

Jeans for women are for only 28 GEL while fabric pants cost 65 GEL.  If you consider long dresses you have an opportunity to choose silk or other satisfying materials available from 65 GEL.



Everyone knows that a linen shop is always desirable for women. Women Secret offers a 70% sale and if you haven’t bought you summer swimsuit yet, then colorful one piece swim wears are waiting for you for only 119 GEL.



An up to 80% discount is in Bershka store where skinny jeans coast 22 GEL. The same price applies to colorful summer overalls. Especially interesting would be ‘reflector’ raincoats for man, offered at only 149 GEL. The same fabric is used for comfortable belt begs and the price is 59 GEL. If you consider backpacks rather than belt bags, then you can find the desirable bag for 69 GEL.


Summer accessories

No one loves their birthday party more than kids. They can have fun on every occasion with the same age children in East Point. Here you will find a stand called Little Me and it’s full of party crowns and other accessories such as: sparkling hair clips, hair pins, crowns and rubber front hair clips. So for only 8 GEL you can choose a desirable present for your children.


The Georgian brand Gepherrini offers leather bracelets and earrings made from natural stones from 30 GEL. Besides, have a look at a new collection – a new bag is never extra. Based on the actuality of geometric shapes, here you can find colored or black and white bags from 69 GEL. If you are a vintage lover then the so called Boho bags made from high quality natural leather are for only 119 GEL.



Our blog couldn’t be complete without fragrant accessories. While visiting East Point you should definitely drop into Lutecia shop. Don’t miss an almond fragrance that is associated with calm, softness and summer vacations – try Tizian Terenzi’s Giardino Benessere. We believe that its smell will help you to fall in love with a new fragrance.


We are used to surprises and this time we are leaving a small spoiler for you. Starting from September East Point will welcome you with novelty: the shopping and entertainment city will surely be the place that hosts everything linked to getting desirable things combined with various activities and relaxation.   



And, of course we won’t leave you without a soundtrack: 

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