Everything in one Place

6 September, 2019

The biggest furniture hub


The 1st of September was a day when the city of fun and vacation had great news – now everything is in one place: in East Point the biggest furniture hub has opened, including Comforter, Mobler, furniture store Marko, Enza Home Georgia, New Light and Forum by New Light.

 The variety of choice can make you dizzy making all your wishes come true. Next to each other you will find every desirable item or furniture accessories required for your home. If you have bought new home or plan to renew your interior for the autumn, East Point is the right place to visit. It’s possible you’ll think of buying new things even if you hadn’t planned it. 

Mobler always refreshes its collections and offers you the furniture designs that are created in Europe and manufactured all over the World. 


 Comforter presents high class brands such as: Italian Balanche, Dogus, Signal, Togo, Polish brands Comad, Poldem and Zett.


As usual, the furniture store Marco offers you beautiful wooden furniture and impressive showrooms.


Enza Home Georgia, with its delicate and modern furniture, is a place where both teenagers and adults will find the desirable furniture item: textile, pillows, mattresses and furniture for every taste.  


There is a new branch of New Light and Forum waiting for you, where a huge variety of lightings, furniture and other accessories are available.  

The beginning of autumn we celebrated with a lot of visitors, favorable discounts, the concert of Sound Lab, Room of Illusions and what’s more: we welcomed our first 100 buyer with gifts.


Back To School 


Going back to school with new and stylish clothes is always pleasant – shopping, the process that is adored by every teenager. East Point has already started a special preparation for a new season and of course we will guide you through the new collections and discounts:

Mango offers a 70% sale for the whole family. In Mango Kids schoolchildren are free to select desirable clothes, while there’s also a huge choice for preschool kids. 


Kids can’t be fully ready for school if they haven’t got comfortable and stylish shoes on them. Geox store offers you shoes that promote your children’s healthy growth. You definitely should have a look at a new collection with your kids, especially because the prices start from 89 GEL and the shoes for kids are made using the highest technologies. 


“We go back to school” – with this slogan New Yorker informs us that a new collection for the school year is ready. Select your own outfit: black skirts are for 25 GEL, while black and white knee-length socks are available for only 17 GEL. The price of stylish backpacks starts from 56 GEL and white sneakers are obtainable for 70 GEL. For boys white shirts are accessible from 36 GEL, but if white isn’t you color, then there is a huge variety of other colors as well. By the way, polo T-shirts are available from 25 GEL.


 “Back To School” – is visible on Levis’  showcases as well, where you can buy backpacks from 119 GEL, leather belts – 69 GEL and what’s more: sneakers are on sale and their price start from only 79 GEL.
Dressup offers 20% sale on every second item and 30% on every third in the following stores: Guess, Lacoste, Levi’s, Lee, Wrangler, Mavi, Jeans Gallery, Factory.
Boys who don’t really enjoy shopping have a chance to buy every desirable item in one place.


For elementary school students the Georgian brand Nikoli offers amazing uniforms – white shirts from 29 GEL and checkered miniskirts from 35 GEL, while trousers for boys are from only 39 GEL and the price of school jackets starts from 69 GEL. Girls can find preferred hair accessories from 3 GEL.


While getting ready for school don’t forget to visit Zara Kids, where there’s a great choice of dresses, trousers and jackets. The price of jeans skirts, shirts and dresses starts from 59 GEL. Checkered overalls are from 79 GEL, while comfortable and colorful fabric pants are available for only 29 GEL. The same price applies to autumn colored blouses.

The Georgian Brand Aembi offers everything that makes studying more fun – amazing and colorful notebooks, diaries, magazines, drawing sheets, calendars, planners, bookmarks ... It is difficult to get away from these beautiful items.

The price of notebooks starts from 3.50 GEL, the same price applies to diaries and drawing sheets for girls and boys are for 5.50 GEL.


Of course we won’t welcome the new month without gifts and surprises: shop for school in East Point and get a present! 

Every single ticket is profitable and what do we offer you? Buy school items here, submit a 50 GEL receipt in Fokus Mokus information desk and win:

  • Fun on attractions
  • Gift cards from Fokus Mokus and East Point 
  • A lot of gifts from East Point stores


The autumn has come with a lot of news, experiences, school fun and accordingly we will leave you at this energetic and enjoyable composition


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