Magical New Year's Raffle

16 December, 2019

Magical New Year Lottery

The most magical day of the year is approaching, the time to create a miracle mindset, make a wish and wait for it to come true – between December 9 – 31st every item at East Point will turn into magic... wondering how?

Just take part in our New Year Lottery – shop at East Point, collect the receipts, put them into our magic lottery drum and every single hour we will reveal the lucky winner!

  • Shop at any East Point store between December  9 – 31st
  • Exchange every receipts worth 60 GEL into a raffle ticket
  • Win a Gift Card worth 300 GEL, every hour between December 23 – 31st

For more magic details visit our website:


The Special Mood We Love! 

We have started the countdown and the East Point has turned into the magic Shopping and Entertainment City. Fifty Santas joined our guests to decorate and put on the sparkling lights on our huge Christmas Tree. At the backdrop of the orchestra, we all looped into the festive holiday mood and the fairylike days began.



From December 13, meet Santa in this place. Our kind and lovely Santa Claus will share candies and joy with you!


Of course, this was just the beginning. Fokus Mokus hosts special New Year events, where children can enjoy a myriad of exciting and interesting activities, while their parents indulge into the pleasurable shopping featuring amazing holiday deals!



New Year Deals at the Shopping and Entertainment City

2020 color of the year is Classic Blue! Shades of red are also considered trendy. Therefore, if you plan to find a special outfit for the New Year’s Eve, of course we are here to for you. 

Apparels decorated with colorful thin beads are exceptionally trendy this season and if you also feel like it then visit Zara, where you can find amazing colorful knitted sweaters and tops. See-through fabrics decorated with polka dots or colorful embroidery will make any look exceptional and trendy.


To include more of the year’s classic blue color in your wardrobe visit Mango and choose from a range of pleated and leather skirts, and if you are looking for the seasons’ warm and stylish coats, we recommend the blue faux fur.

Don’t forget that every receipt received during shopping is a chance to win the prizes, so put them in lottery drum and wait for the magic!

For men who are eager to finish the shopping as soon as possible and want to watch a movie, have a tasty meal or just a pleasant time in the Shopping and entertainment city , we recommend visiting Massimo Dutti. Because it is a one-stop-shop for numerous great outfits: elegant and warm sweaters, trendy checkered jackets and if you like knit clothes, there’s many available in the new collection.


A New Dress is Essential for the New Year’s Eve!

Velvet is still in fashion, so visit Koton and choose your festive outfit from a range of colorful evening dresses. And if you want to shine and sparkle like the New Year’s Eve deserves, you’ll find elegant, bead-decorated dresses and tops in store. 


Those who fancy shiny, dazzling and sparkling outfits should not miss the H&M. You will find a great choice of bright and flower-printed dresses.


Wonder where to choose the right shoes?  Don’t forget to pop-in Bata, where there’s a perfect choice of high-heeled black shoes for the clothes of any color, as well as an array of trendy colors of 2020.

Festive makeup should set the right mood for the New Year! So visit Flormar, where you will find gorgeous colorful pigmented eye shadows and shimmering powders, as well as glitter make-up and bright color shadows that are still trendy in the coming 2020. 

And don’t forget that every receipt and every hour could be magical and lucky and that every store at East Point offers special New Year discounts of 20 to 70 % OFF.


New Year Presents!

This is a great time of the year to express your love – a time to buy the Christmas presents to your loved ones! East Point turns shopping for others into pleasure, making every hour a lucky chance for winning gifts for you.
Remember to exchange your receipts for the winning tickets!

Once again iStyle giving you a wonderful opportunity to win the heart of your loved ones: there’s a special holiday deal on the brand new iPhone 11, and it comes with a complimentary Wireless Charger!


If you mum favors coziness at home, you should visit the New Light to choose the lighting from their new collection at a 20% discount, as a bonus you will get a 5% cashback on our loyalty card. Plus get a 30%, 40%, and 50% discount on selected items!

To make every family member happy visit the magical Super, collect up to 50% loyalty points and pick up some super special gifts for the New Year! 


Don't forget to make your gifts even more special: visit Gegma A stand located in the main building of East Point and wrap them perfectly!


And of course, we offer you always the best one - choose 𝙀𝙖𝙨𝙩 𝙋𝙤𝙞𝙣𝙩 𝙂𝙞𝙛𝙩 𝘾𝙖𝙧𝙙 and make your friends or family members happy! 


At the end, here’s a festive music composition for your pleasant and joyful shopping experience:

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