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COLIN’S keeps up with the speed of the world at its more than 600 stores in 38 countries where there are newer, more modern, more interesting and more special things every day, and shares the spirit of this big change with its customers. Our FIT concept deals with the fitness of the products that our customers like to their body, our customers should feel comfortable with our products, how our products look on them and thereby, the way they reflect their style. Our QUALITY concept is to present sustainable particulars at all times through color, fabric, stitching, strength and stance. All these are a result of COLIN’S brand that recognizes its duty of making people feel good.

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  • Phone icon +995 593 63 26 80
  • Globe icon www.colins.com
  • Categories icon Shops - Fashion
  • Clock icon 10:00-22:00
  • Floor icon 0 floor
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