Sweet November

15 November, 2019

In East Point Sweet November has arrived – several new stores and places are opened in which you can enjoy delicious meals. And more importantly – we are sure that the approaching of Black Friday is desirable for all of you, so don’t miss extremely fascinating offers and discounts. This day certainly shouldn’t be missed!


Discounts for the Blacker Friday

What comes first to your mind when you think about the last Friday of November? Of course, Black Friday!

Except various discounts, on this day in the Shopping and entertainment city  – Blacker Friday will be held from 21:00 until 23:00, accompanied by drummers, The Fire Show will also take place.  Don’t forget that on Black Friday the shops will be open until midnight.

If you couldn’t receive the bags made by collaboration of the designer Datuna Sulikashvili and East Point, there’s a new chance for you: for every purchased receipt worth 200 GEL along with many other gifts you can get the bag as well.

Good news: 30-60% sale in every store!


If you couldn’t attend the opening of the biggest furniture hub and especially its sales, then come and take advantage of the full range of discounts.

If you plan to buy home appliances, then don’t miss the day because we have a diverse choice and discounts, so you definitely will find a desirable item for you.

Black Friday is waiting for you in sport stores as well. Visit Top Sport, the biggest multi-brand sport store in Georgia. Of course, the signs of sale will welcome you here too, so you can buy desired clothes in affordable prices.

Cold winter is ahead and Black Friday is exactly the day when you should stock winter clothes – in East Point 29 November is the day of huge discounts in every shoe, clothes and accessories stores.


News in all store

MUMUSO – the brand inspired by Korean fashion – is now available in East Point. Here you can find stylish and trendy items – things that are always needed. This is the place for people of any age, at affordable prices of course.  

Women in MUMUSO store can find anything:  facial care products, nourishing creams, decorative cosmetics, satisfying aromas and moisturizing gels for only 16 GEL. To protect your face skin from dehydration we suggest you buy the moisturizing aloe spray for just 12 GEL. To avoid seasonal flu and viruses it’s compulsory to take care of your hygiene, so buying Sakura flavored disinfectant liquids will be the best choice.

MUMUSO  will become a favorite place for your children as well, because it presents a huge choice of bags, stationery items and other colourful accessories. Different animal shaped piggy banks are obtainable for only 10 GEL and we are sure that with collected money they’ll want to come back to the store again.


Visit the newly opened REGALIA store at East Point and find desired suitcases, travel accessories, umbrellas, raincoats, laptop bags – basically everything needed for traveling. Swiss trade name Victorinox is considered as the most practical and high quality brand. Its roomy waist bags are available for 150 GEL; handmade, colorful and durable umbrellas for 80 GEL and the backpacks that are suitable for business trips are for 250 GEL. 


New 8 ELEMENTS store gives you an opportunity to create trinkets yourself or choose the ones from already existed jewelry, made from natural stones. Be exceptional and don’t not miss the latest trends: pearl necklaces for 40 GEL, paired jewelry in autumn colors and leaf motifs are between 22 - 45 GEL and the necklaces made from sea shells are for only 50 GEL.


For those who are burger lovers and for those who haven’t tasted it yet but think that it’s not their thing we have good news – visit Gochit’s in East Point and we promise that you will discover a burger lover in yourself. Mini cheeseburgers are for only 3.90 GEL. Good luck!



If you haven’t heard about our eco-friendly campaign yet, let us tell you! 

Enjoy an electric charger station for free or Recycle your used batteries at the special bin.


Take care of the environment with us – bring used batteries to East Point, put them in special bins and we will recycle them. This is our initiative and we hope many other companies will sign up to this eco-friendly campaign.



For the positive mood we leave you a composition by a Georgian musician as usual:


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